The Professional REFERENCE Waxing System

Since 1982, REFERENCE the French beauty house, have been developing professional waxing products. By using the REFERENCE method and its products, you will discover that waxing does not simply mean the elimination of unwanted hair, it becomes a complete beauty treatment with specific products. The skin becomes more beautiful every day and the hair may weaken and lighten. Waxing can then become less frequent and easier each time as the hair growth stages synchronise.

Prior to treatment, the area for waxing is cleansed using a specially formulated lotion. Then a high quality creamy roller warm wax is applied and unwanted hair removed. A specially developed peel-off wax is used for sensitive areas including bikini lines, underarms, upper lip, chin and eyebrows. For best results, the hair to be waxed should be a minimum of approximately 7mm -10mm. For excellent results, a monthly depilation with daily use of the REFERENCE products is advised.

A patch test is recommended before your first wax treatment.

Half Leg Wax £15.00
Full Leg Wax £23.00
Standard Bikini Line Wax Only From £8.00
Lip Wax £5.00
Chin Wax £6.00
Lip & Chin Wax £10.00
Underarm Wax £10.00
Forearm To Elbow Wax £9.00
Forearm To Shoulder Wax £12.00
Eyebrow Wax £8.00