Summer Beauty Treatment Offers

Summer Beauty Treatment Offers

LaStone Hot Stone Massage

Divine LaStone Hot Stone Massage

Here at Le Petit Sanctuary we have SUMMER BEAUTY TREATMENT OFFERS throughout July which are perfectly idyllic to help cocoon you just for a short while from your busy world!

It is so easy to often let days and then weeks go by constantly popping Time For Me” always at the bottom of your To Do List.

If this is you, quite probably you are constantly tired, your energy levels are running on empty and “Stressed” could be your middle name!

If this does sound just like your life, then there is every chance that you are well overdue for some rest & relaxation and perhaps one of our four Summer Beauty Treatment Offers PEACE, HARMONY, RENEW & ESCAPE can help.

These gentle and soothing 2 hour treatment offers include combinations of FACIALS, REFLEXOLOGY, AROMATHERAPY & HOT STONE MASSAGE, all designed to melt away your stress & tension, calming your chattering mind and rejuvenating your soul.

Summer Beauty Treatment Offers

Renu Tranquility Facial

Just imagine unwinding on the treatment couch and drifting into blissful tranquility, where time stands still enough for you to catch your breath and enfold you with inner calm & peace!!

So…..please do take advantage of one of our SUMMER TREATMENT OFFERS – we would really love to see you!

Why not hop across to the Treatment Offer Page HERE right now and book yourself in for some pampering very soon!


“When you discover something that nourishes your soul and brings joy, care enough to make room for it in your life. ” – Jean Shinoda Bolen

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