Renew & Restore Body Treatments

We Offer An Excellent Range Of Renew & Restore Body Treatments Ranging From Body Scrubs To A Luxury Facial For The Back!

These Fabulous Treatments Are Often Perfect For "Waking Up Your Body", To Renew & Restore Tranquility & To Be Beach Ready In Time For The Holiday Season Or A Special Occasion!

So Why Not Try One Of Our Renew & Restore Body Treatments?

Perhaps You Need One Or Two Detoxifying Body Scrubs Or To Be Beach Ready For A Special Summer Holiday? Or Maybe You Are Looking For Some Welcome Peace & Calm For Your Mind, Body & Soul?

Which Renew & Restore Body Treatment Will You Choose?

Body Bliss (2 Hours) £70.00

Body Bliss is one of our cocooning, stimulating and detoxifying body treatments. It includes all the things that your skin needs to feel like it has had a real makeover and beach ready!!

During this extra special treatment, your body is dry brushed, exfoliated with a glorious body scrub and is then massaged. After which you are then coated in a deep cleansing clay and wrapped to keep you warm and cosy and so that the cleansing clay can get to work! During this time you will enjoy a soothing scalp and head massage to really help you restore calm and melt away any stress and tension.

Finally, after your relaxation time, the clay masque is removed and a nourishing, aromatic body gel is applied which will leave you feeling revitalised, rejuvenated and totally holiday prepared and beach ready. This is one of the body treatments that helps to restore, renew and evoke total tranquility and of course it remains a firm favourite with many of our clients.

Such Bliss!

Thai Herbal Compress & Aroma Massage
Aromatherapy Back Massage
Aromatherapy In Taunton At Le Petit Sanctuary

Thai Herbal Compress & Aroma Massage                           (90 Minutes) £68.00

Thai Herbal Compress & Aroma Massage is one of the body treatments that combines the healing effects of traditional Eastern massage techniques with heated herbal compresses. It is one of the gentle body treatments and is just perfect when preparing for a special event or an exciting holiday that you want to be relaxed and beach ready for.

The Thai herbal compresses, known as Prakhopscontain a blend of aromatic and therapeutic traditional Thai herbs which are wrapped in balls of cotton muslin and are then steamed to release the potent qualities of the herbs. And as you would expect, many of the herbs used within the Prakhops are known to help restore calm and well being to the mind, body and soul.

Lovely body stretches are used in this body treatment, after which the fragrant, warmed and steamed herbal compresses are systematically pressed and rolled over your skin, releasing the enchanting aroma of the herbs.

This body treatment is both evocative and soothing, melting away the aches and pains of a busy day.

The aromatic fragrance is heavenly!

"SUGAR & SPICE" Body Scrub (45 Minutes) £35.00

A wonderfully invigorating treatment!

Body Scrubs can be especially relaxing yet stimulating body treatments at any time of the year.

During your Sugar & Spice Body scrub treatment, you are dry brushed and then polished using the Heavenly Spiezia Lemongrass & Marigold organic body scrub.

This scrumptious blend of natural brown sugars and calendula petals work to buff your skin and help to revive and renew your natural glow.

The body treatment is completed with a lavish application of aromatic body gel leaving you feeling revitalised, recharged and totally beach ready.

Such A Divine Body Treatment!!

And of course you are never too young or old to enjoy Body Scrubs!!!

Luxury Back Treatment (1 Hour) £38.00

An irresistible "Facial For The Back" perfect for any time of year or a treat so you are beach ready for a special holiday!!

This treatment includes dry brushing and cleansing your back to wake your skin up and remove any dead skin cells. Your back is then exfoliated with an amazing and refreshing body scrub to draw out any impurities and encourage your skin to feel totally revived renewed.

After the body scrub is finished, you will enjoy a soothing and relaxing aromatherapy massage which is then followed by an application of a detoxifying mud masque. Whilst the masque is on your back, you will enjoy a gentle head massage to encourage total rest and relaxation.

After the masque is removed, a nourishing body cream is lavished all over you back to complete this perfect pamper leaving you feeling refreshed and beach ready.

So Exquisite!

Please Note: A Consultation is required prior to any of the above treatments. 

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