JESSICA Polish Manicures & Pedicures - The Natural Nail System

JESSICA Polish Manicures & Pedicures are the perfect make over for your hands & feet using all of the fabulous JESSICA Treatment products and the JESSICA Custom Nail Polishes.

Jessica Vartoughian described by the New York Times as "The first lady of nails" is considered the world's foremost authority on natural nail care, hers is a unique understanding of the importance of what it takes to achieve and maintain naturally beautiful nails.

Jessica advises that "Nails are not alike and differ from person to person - just like hair and skin. It is impossible to treat all nails the same and keep them healthy".


It was keen analysis of different nail conditions that led Jessica Vartoughian to innovate products specifically designed to treat the dry, brittle, normal or post acrylic nail.

All our JESSICA Polish Manicures & Pedicures use the correct & specialist base coat for your nail type as the foundation of the JESSICA System is its ability to treat specific nail problems.

AND....... If you prefer a Gel Polish to Traditional Polish, JESSICA GELeration Gel Polish Manicures & Pedicures are also available.

JESSICA GELeration Gel Polish offers the beauty of JESSICA with the strength of a gel! Find out more about the Jessica GELeration Gel Polish Treatments by clicking HERE!

JESSICA Polish Manicures

With JESSICA you have the confidence of knowing that you will be having a manicure with colours exclusively formulated for natural nails so the polish stays on and on....

Manicure Price
Luxury Polish Manicure
A luxury manicure including a full hand & arm cleanse, exfoliation, massage
and hand masque. De-luxe heated mitts are used and an application of
protective HandRenew liposomes. Nails are filed & cuticles are treated
& tidied. The correct treatment base coat is applied to the nails followed
by a polish of your choice and a glossy top coat.
Classic Polish Manicure
As a luxury manicure, excluding the HandRenew liposomes,
heated mitts & hand masque.
Express Polish Manicure
Cuticle treatment & tidy, nails are filed and polished.
File & Polish £14.00

JESSICA Polish Pedicures

The ZenSpa pedicure journey begins with an exclusive array of personalised foot treatments that will inspire your mind, body and soul.

Jessica considers health an essential part of nail and skin care so her products are specifically developed to maximise the natural healing powers of the body and promote well-being.

Pedicure Price
Luxury Polish Pedicure
A luxury pedicure including a foot soak, exfoliaton and a soothing foot
& leg massage.
De-luxe heated bootees are also used for that extra special
pamper! Cuticles are treated & tidied & the toenails are filed.
The feet are spritzed & awakened with a refreshing heel balm.
Finally, the correct treatment base coat is applied to the toenails,
followed by a nail colour of your choice and a glossy top coat.
Classic Polish Pedicure
As a luxury pedicure excluding the foot masque, heated bootees & heel balm.
Express Polish Pedicure
A relaxing foat soak, cuticle treatment & tidy. Nails are filed & polished.
File & Polish £14.00

See Callus Peel for a specialised callus removal treatment that can be combined with any of the pedicure choices.